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Community Legal Assistance Services for Saskatoon Inner City Inc.

CLASSIC provides free legal programming, services, and supports for people who experience poverty and injustice. CLASSIC is also a clinical legal education site. Operating in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CLASSIC has provided service to the community since February 2007. CLASSIC is located within community, and we have good relationships with other community-based organizations, which allows for mutual referrals and working together.



We recognize that our clients, from a diversity of backgrounds and communities, are experts in their own lived experiences. We work with and in community to ensure that our clients' voices are heard, and to approach the challenges faced by our clients holistically, and in context. We are committed to learning from our clients and stakeholders, through reciprocity and respect.


Everything about how we approach the law challenges the system. We teach, research, and engage in social-justice, anti-racist, and trauma-informed lawyering. By definition, this requires that we acknowledge and challenge the role that we, along with certain laws, policies, and legal institutions, have played in reinforcing colonialism and other forms of inequality and oppression.

CLASSIC Law - Values


We are committed to the highest standards of competence and ethical practice. This requires us to be good listeners and engage in self-reflective practice and evaluation. It also means that we live in tension – acknowledging that as a legal clinic we are part of a system that causes suffering and inequity. Our approach to professionalism informs how we educate our students as well as our commitment to take care of ourselves and each other as we work towards a more just community.


CLASSIC makes a difference in our clients' lives. The courage and resilience of our clients inspires us – and underscores our commitment to ensuring that CLASSIC's model, and its ability to meet our clients' needs, is viable, even as it grows and evolves.

News and Updates

2021-2022 Annual General Meeting

Our annual general meeting will be held on June 23rd, 2022 at 4:30PM via Zoom.  

Please RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register if you wish to attend.  A Zoom link will be provided to registrants in advance of the meeting.  



CLASSIC's COVID-19 Practices Beyond February 28

CLASSIC continues to accept applications by phone. Our front door remains closed to the public. Clients will have access to the building through special arrangements. Masking and COVID-19 screening is still required.

Read more ...

Office Closed to the Public Until Further Notice

Until further notice, we are closing public access to our office. Clients will no longer be able to enter the office unless special arrangements have been made.

Read more ...

Walk-in Counselling

Need someone to talk to? We’re here. Due to concerns surrounding COVID-19, our walk-in clinics have transitioned to phone sessions. There is no fee.

Read more ...

Request Information


Looking for more information about our services? Interested in booking an appointment? Send us a message!


Thank You to Our Donors for their Generous Support!

Classic Law Inc. - Donors - Affinity Credit Union Classic Law Inc. - Donors - City of Saskatoon Classic Law Inc. - Donors - Community Initiatives Fund Classic Law Inc. - Donors - Government of Saskatchewan Classic Law Inc. - Donors - 211 Saskatchewan Classic Law Inc. - Donors - Law Foundation of Saskatchewan Classic Law Inc. - Donors - New Community Credit Union Classic Law Inc. - Donors - Nutrien Classic Law Inc. - Donors - Saskatoon Community Foundation Classic Law Inc. - Donors - United Way Classic Law Inc. - Donors - University of Saskatchewan College of Law
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